Chairman’s Statement

Chairman’s Statement: Serial Achieva Limited

on the myriad advantages that accompany this prestigious milestone. Our recent reverse takeover (RTO) bestows a crucial competitive edge, offering greater financial flexibility and resources to readily access capital markets, so as to fuel our growth ambitions and strategic acquisitions. This enhanced funding accessibility empowers us to act decisively on merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities across ASEAN markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Consequently, we can bolster our product portfolio and expand our regional footprint as a premier reseller and distributor of consumer and enterprise IT products and computer peripherals.

As a publicly listed entity, upholding robust corporate governance remains our top priority. We are steadfastly committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct across all levels of our organisation. Our Board comprises a diverse group of highly experienced professionals who provide robust oversight and strategic counsel. At the same time, we have implemented comprehensive policies and rigorous internal controls to safeguard against operational risks and regulatory violations. Cultivating a culture of integrity is imperative to preserving stakeholder trust and confidence in Serial Achieva.

Creating an Interconnected World

Meanwhile, our growth trajectory will be guided by our core vision to lead as an innovator in the IT industry. We are driven by an unwavering dedication to quality, customer satisfaction and technological advancement. As a Serial System company, we aspire to set new industry benchmarks by cultivating a dynamic and collaborative environment that is laser-focused on delivering pioneering, market-leading product solutions. By harnessing the strength of Serial System’s vast distribution network, we are uniquely positioned to seamlessly connect people and businesses with transformative technology that empowers a more productive and interconnected world.

Underpinning our mission is a set of values that epitomises our progressive spirit and growth mindset. We are driven by a desire to provide a wealth of opportunities for all our stakeholders – from our staff and business partners to our shareholders and the broader community.

Empowering Success and Progress

Our partners are vital enablers of our success – we provide invaluable market insights to help them accelerate time-to-market while expanding their reach through our formidable distribution capabilities. For our customers, we constantly innovate to deliver cutting-edge, competitively priced solutions, tailored to their unique needs. Our staff are our most prized assets. By nurturing their professional growth, empowering them with decision-making responsibilities, and prioritising their wellbeing, we create an environment for them to thrive and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. For our shareholders, we are firmly committed to a disciplined approach focused on steady progress across all facets of our operations to generate consistent and favourable returns over the long term. Through proactive engagement, we also strive to uphold our responsibilities as a socially conscious corporate citizen by contributing meaningfully to community needs.

With our public listing unlocking a new realm of opportunities, I am confident that by staying true to our mission and upholding our cherished values, Serial Achieva will forge ahead to attain even greater heights of success and industry leadership.