Our Vision, Our Mission and Value

As a Serial System company, we aspire to lead as an innovator and distributor of cutting-edge computer peripheral components, establishing new industry benchmarks through an unwavering dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and technological advancement. Our vision involves cultivating a dynamic and collaborative environment, focusing on product excellence, and also on shaping the future of technology with inventive solutions. Harnessing the strength of Serial System’s extensive distribution network, we aim to be a regional leader, seamlessly connecting people and technology for a more empowered and interconnected world.

Our Mission

To provide a wealth of growth opportunities for our stakeholders

Towards our partners

We provide market insights to our business partners to enable faster time-to-market. To our suppliers, we help expand their market reach. To our customers, we provide innovative and competitive solutions

Towards our staff

By empowering our staff with the right resources and looking after their well-being, we help them to be their best at work, grooming them to be our leaders of tomorrow

Towards our shareholders

We strive to make steady progress in every aspect of our business, providing our shareholders with consistent and favourable dividend yields


By staying in touch with the community, we are able to contribute in ways that are close to their needs

Our Values

To provide a wealth of growth opportunities for our stakeholders


Derived from the drive to achieve our targets and the courage to change for the better


Encouraged by giving our staff the power to make decisions.


Arose from working smart, doing our work well, and using our resources effectively to serve our customers and suppliers well


Striving towards a common goal in one spirit – despite our cultural or individual differences