Board of Directors

Sean Goh
Chairman and Non-Executive Director

The Chairman and Non-Executive Director, Mr. Sean Goh, is presently Serial System’s Executive Director and Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Goh joined Serial System in June 2004. He was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer in June 2019, and joined its board of directors as Executive Director in October 2021. Mr. Goh was appointed Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of Serial System in July 2022.

As the Chairman and Non-Executive Director, Mr. Goh will not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the Enlarged Group but will provide leadership and guidance to the New Board and work together with the Executive Director to set the direction and objectives of the Enlarged Group (which include appropriate focus on value creation, innovation and sustainability).

As Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Goh works with the board members of Serial System to plan and implement Serial System’s group corporate strategies.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours from Nanyang Technological University.